I’m Jonny Hale.

I'm an Oklahoma-born and Georgia-grown minister and singer/songwriter. I live on the county line with my wife Aaron Hale and two daughters, Eden and Isla. I have traveled all over the country training and mentoring worship teams as well as ministering through music and preaching the gospel. When I'm home I'm the worship leader at The River Church, I teach 60+ private lessons and master classes a week, and I'm the Worship Coordinator for Ft. Benning - one of the largest military installations in the world. I get to be a part of a team that ministers to thousands of America’s finest every week.


I am called to lead people in worship. Everything else I do centers around this 1 central calling.


I write worship songs. Psalms 33:3 commands us to sing a new song loud and with skill. I teach people how to write great songs and strive to write great songs myself.


I've had the privilege to teach 1000+ of people in local churches and 1 on 1 over the last 17 years. I still teach 50+ private music lessons a week as well as master classes and all the digital courses you will be able to find on this site as they are released!


This web template had room for 4 and I only have 3. If you are actually reading this, message me on social media so we can have a good laugh. I doubt I'll be hearing from you. I know I don't read this much text on any website.

How I teach music.

1 Technique.
Every language starts with good technique. If you can't understand the words you can't hear clearly enough to appreciate the message. We've all been on customer service with someone who has poor English technique despite that persons greatest desire to help you they are hindered by poor technique and it makes it almost impossible for them to get their message across. Music is the same way. If your instrument technique is inadequate you can't get your message across.

2 Theory.
Theory is to music what definitions are to words. If you don't know the definition of a word you can't use it to express your ideas and emotions.
When I was in 2nd grade I was taught some basic Spanish phrases. The teacher taught me to parrot a handful of common Spanish greetings. The problem is I didn't know the definition of any of the words... so I can't speak Spanish. A lot of people learn music the same way. They get on the internet or a friend shows them a few chords they string together to sound like a song. But, just because it sounds like music doesn't mean you speak the language. In second grade, just because the phrase sounded like Spanish didn't mean I knew the language. If you want to learn music you have to learn the definitions, the theory, behind what you're playing.

3 Style.
The most important part of speaking is not what you say it's how you say it. If you say something sarcastically you usually mean the opposite of the words you're saying. Music is the same way. If you don't invest time in learning and developing your own style you will never deliver the message you want to with a lot of impact.