Drum Buyers guide

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Good: Gammon Percussion Kit

This kit includes basic cymbals (They DO NOT sound good. They are targets for practice.) a stool and the hardware listed. This kit is great for practice but you will never use this in a musical environment. This kit is meant for personal practice. The drum heads and cymbals would need to be replaced in order to play this kit in a live setting.

Better: Ludwig Accent Drum Kit

This is a GREAT value. Like the Gannon kit the cymbals would need to be replaced in order to really get a gig ready sound but this is a very sturdy drum set. This is everything you need all in one package for a good price.

Best: Pearl Roadshow

With a very nice sparkle wrap, good hardware, and decent starter cymbals, the pearl roadshow is ready to get you started and will grow with you into your first roadshow. Like the other kits you will still want to upgrade the cymbals before you hit the road but this kit could easily rock your first gigs. This one will grow with you and take the abuse of your first south east van tour.